Auto Painting with Perfect Color Match


The paint job is among the first things noticed in a vehicle. Expertly done auto painting enhances the vehicle’s appearance and also reflects well on the vehicle owner.

Good auto painting even protects the vehicle from the elements. That is why when your vehicle has a collision, you look for reliable car paint shops that can restore your vehicle’s original beauty and luster with a perfect paint color match.

Well, your search ends at Exotic Motors. We are one of the premier car paint shops you can trust for completing your auto painting job to the highest specifications.

Our skilled auto painting technicians work diligently to:

  • Ensure an exact paint color match with your vehicle’s original paint job
  • Return your vehicle to pre-collision condition
  • Deliver auto painting services that exceed your expectations

Not All Car Paint Shops are the Same - We Guarantee Our Work


All auto painting needs are not the same and all car paint shops are not equal. You must evaluate different car paint shops carefully to choose one that delivers the flawless paint color match and finish that you hope for.

Whether your vehicle needs a minor touch up or full body painting, we offer exceptional services that separate us from the other car paint shops. Our exquisite auto painting and paint color match helps us rank among the leading car paint shops.

To complete all our jobs to perfection, we have invested in:

  • 3 state-of-the-art spray booths that ensure auto painting with a baked on factory look
  • Highly skilled technicians who strive for a precise paint color match
  • Top-quality auto paints

Not all car paint shops are as sure of their auto painting expertise as we are. Our confidence shows in the lifetime guarantee we offer on every job.

Paint Color Match That Will Last and Wear Like Original Paint


Like the other car paint shops, we are aware that no collision repair is finished without first-class auto painting with a correct paint color match. We strive for a paint color match that :

  • Looks just like the original paint
  • Wears as well as the original paint
  • Lasts as long as the original paint

Our auto painting experts use an advanced paint color match system to mix colors accurately to deliver an auto body finish that leaves you dazzled. After experiencing our paint color match abilities, you will never want to visit other car paint shops whenever you need auto painting services!

Looking for car paint shops that promise auto painting completed with an exact paint color match? Call Exotic Motors at (425) 440-3550.