Auto Repair

The abundance of car dealerships and local auto repair shops may leave you confused when your vehicle develops a snag. While you may want to avoid the expensive dealerships, the locality’s small auto repair shops might make you uncertain about their car repair capabilities.

Exotic Motors is an automotive repair expert that offers dealer-quality car repair at the affordable price and friendly care of local auto repair shops.

We are one of the few tried-and-tested auto repair shops that have grown big, but remain true to their customer-first mentality.

We credit our standing as one of the best auto repair shops to our accomplished and sincere automotive repair mechanics. All our car repair mechanics are ASE certified and proven masters of their trade.

Additionally, they are:

• Passionate about automobiles and automotive repair
• Dedicated to delivering seamless car repair, the first time
• Committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction

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Looking for an auto paint shop that offers superior car painting services to give your vehicle a brand new look? Exotic Motors is the place to come to. Our auto paint shop speciali...


Finding the right car body shop and skilled auto body repair experts whom you can trust can be difficult. But, not when Exotic Motors is at your service. Our well-established car


A broken car door handle, exterior or interior, can be very inconvenient. You may get through a day or two by getting in and out of your automobile through the other doors,


You depend on your vehicle to get you through daily living. So, an auto collision can bring life to a halt. Exotic Motors is happy to be the dependable collision repair shop.


Fiberglass body repair is something that is best left to professional technicians. There are some vehicle owners who believe that it is okay to take the do-it-yourself route to auto fiberglass repair.


Correct frame and wheel alignment are among a vehicle’s key safety features. When the frame or car alignment is off, the vehicle develops balancing issues and uneven tread wear.


Often, the effects of auto collisions go deeper than dents & dings and involve damage to the vehicle frame. Such cases demand auto body frame repair to restore the vehicle’s drivability and reliability.


There is nothing vehicle owners dread more than the first dent on their prized possession! The unpleasant ding on the surface tends to rob a vehicle of its good looks and ...


The paint job is among the first things noticed in a vehicle. Expertly done auto painting enhances the vehicle’s appearance and also reflects well on the vehicle owner.


Our estimators have had years of experience in the repair industry and you can be assured they know your vehicle inside and out! All are trained and certified in the proper techniques to repair your car safely and completely.


You cannot trust your damaged specialty vehicle to just any auto repair facility. It deserves expert services available only at a custom auto body shop that specializes in performing...


A recovered stolen vehicle is usually found badly damaged and in need of urgent auto body repair services. We, at Exotic Motors hope that you never experience auto theft nor need car theft repair.