Brakes Should be Inspected on a Regular Basis


As a vehicle’s first line of safety on the road, brakes are an important automotive part. It is extremely essential to keep the brakes well-maintained and capable of stopping the vehicle swiftly and efficiently whenever the need arises. You can do this by getting brakes inspected and serviced routinely.

The work performed during brake service includes:

  • Lubrication of brake components
  • Brake fluid change
  • Hydraulics inspection
  • Replacement of worn-out pads/shoes
  • Drum and rotor resurfacing

Regular brake service ensures optimum power brakes and also helps avoid costly brake repair through early detection of brake issues. Thus, it is not just helpful in ensuring safe driving, but also beneficial for your wallet!

Visit Exotic Motors for regular brake service and timely brake repair to keep your automobile’s brakes in top order. Drive with the confidence that your vehicle will stop when you want it to.

Expert Brake Service by ASE Certified Technicians


Efficient brakes can help avoid dangerous situations while driving. So, all automotive manufacturers recommend brake service at regular intervals (generally every 12,000 miles) as a crucial safety procedure. You can look up in your owner’s manual to know the manufacturer-recommended brake service interval.

Besides regularity in brake service, good brakes depend on capable brake service technicians. That is why our qualified and skilled technicians are the best choice for meeting your brake service and brake repair needs. Our technicians are:

  • Thoroughly trained in brake service and brake repair
  • Highly experienced in handling any type of automotive brakes
  • ASE certified

Don’t overlook something as important as brake service. Ensure excellent brakes and your peace of mind by utilizing the services of our brake service experts.

Brake Repair and Replacement - Know the Warning Signs


You should not wait to suffer the consequences of malfunctioning brakes before going in for brake repair. Remember, brakes tend to wear out with time and as they do, the vehicle shows signs that indicate the need for brake repair.

Come to us immediately for brake repair when you observe warning signals, such as:

  • Grinding, banging or squealing on braking
  • Car pulling to one side when applying the brakes
  • Shuddering of brake pedal/steering wheel/vehicle on braking
  • A need to push brake the pedal too hard

Poorly maintained brakes are the cause of many road accidents and fatalities. Never take brake service or brake repair lightly. Trust our skillful brake repair technicians to restore your brakes’ safe operation.

Keep your brakes working well by getting expert brake repair and service from Exotic Motors. Call (425) 440-3550 .