Fleet Maintenance Accounts


When your company depends on its commercial fleet for successful operations, you cannot take fleet maintenance lightly. Sudden vehicle failure can bring your work to a halt and make you lose valuable:

  • Time
  • Client goodwill
  • Business
  • Money

At Exotic Motors, we can prevent fleet breakdowns from holding up your business. We provide expert and reliable commercial fleet service to keep your vehicles always on the move. We offer fleet maintenance programs to take care of all the maintenance and repair needs of your commercial vehicles. Whether you lease or own them, a fleet maintenance account with us ensures that your trucks are forever mechanically sound and inspection-ready.

Don’t be one of those businesses that wake up to the need for fleet maintenance and commercial fleet service only after something goes wrong. Get smart and start enjoying the benefits of our fleet maintenance accounts today!

Complete Fleet Service for Auto Repair and Auto Body Work


Being on the job almost daily, all through the year, your commercial vehicles are very susceptible to the dangers of driving. We offer complete commercial fleet service that includes auto repair and auto body work to fix your vehicles in case they fall prey to the hazards on the road.

While our fleet maintenance program ensures you of routine servicing to keep your fleet running smoothly, you can also rest easy that the vehicles will get immediate repairs, whenever the need arises. To assure you of thoroughly satisfying services, we depend on our:

  • ASE certified technicians
  • Cutting edge tools
  • Quick access to auto parts
  • Untiring commitment to flawless fleet maintenance and service

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Fleet Service?


Our commercial fleet service is reputed for speed, economy and excellent craftsmanship. We realize that an ‘out of action’ fleet vehicle means lost revenue for you. We are committed to delivering commercial fleet service with maximum efficiency so that your business suffers minimal loss or inconvenience.

When you choose our auto body and repair shop for your commercial fleet service and fleet maintenance, you get:

  • Quick commercial fleet service to minimize vehicle downtime
  • Efficient, reliable and durable fleet maintenance and repairs
  • Discounted commercial fleet service and fleet maintenance charges

We can cater to the commercial fleet service and fleet maintenance needs of fleets of any size. You can be sure our commercial fleet service experts will never let you or your company down.

Ensure a dependable fleet with reliable commercial fleet service and fleet maintenance from Exotic Motors. Call us at (425) 440-3550.