• our-estimators

    Our Estimators

    Our estimators have had years of experience in the collision repair industry and you can rest assured they know your vehicle inside and out! They are all are trained and certified in the proper techniques to repair your car safely and completely.

  • our-staff

    Our Staff

    All of our staff members are required to undertake I-Car training and keep themselves certified. We are an I-car gold facility. This means that every one of our technicians have the most up-to-date, advanced, training and education available in the collision repair industry. I-Car certification tests are taken annually in order to maintain our gold status.

  • check-in

    Check In

    We pride ourselves on our innovative processes. We have fine tuned each stage of the repair process to ensure we get it right first time and can duplicate our results. This is where we check in the vehicle and plan the repair. We note, document and photograph all damage on the vehicle and draw the repair for the technicians

  • parts


    This is not a job for the faint of heart! With parts coming in for as many as 70 vehicles this takes someone with years of experience to sift through, spot and return parts that have arrived wrong or damaged. Again, this is where perfected processes and quality employees make us shine above our competitors.

  • prep


    The paint prep department primes, blocks and sands the final stages of the repair to perfection, then masks and re-checks the vehicle before the paint is applied.

  • paint


    It takes many years in the prep department to graduate to a lead painter. Our painters have the skill and training to make you car look like it did when it was first painted. Most importantly the paint will last and wear just like the original factory paint, we guarantee it – for life!

  • alignment


    We have an on-site, full service mechanical shop with the latest alignment, diagnostic and suspension tooling. Our technicians are ASE certified too!

  • detail


    Each car gets washed, vacuumed and the fresh paint is hand polished.

  • check-out

    Check Out

    Just like the check-in this one of the most important steps. We scrutinize the repair and the estimate making sure nothing was missed. We check the lights, windows, locks, panel alignment to make sure everything works and up to our high standards.

“Danny my service representative promised to deliver the car within a week and held on the promise. Very professional. ”


“The craftsmanship and work performed were excellent. The clear coat and paint looks amazing. I believe after a few months to cure, it should darken up and match the rest of the truck more evenly. Also I am very pleased the team took the extra time to clean my truck, it was above and beyond. ”


“The paint work done is exceptional. Can't tell where new car paint ends and repair paint begins. ”


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