Car Theft Repair - We Work with Your Insurance Company


A recovered stolen vehicle is usually found badly damaged and in need of urgent auto body repair services.

We, at Exotic Motors hope that you never experience auto theft nor need car theft repair. But, if you do, come to our auto theft repair shop. We are reputed car theft repair specialists offering comprehensive auto body repair services to take care of any vehicle damage caused by auto thieves.

Providing thoroughly professional auto body repair services, we are ready to work with any insurance company and make the car theft repair totally hassle-free for you. In fact, our auto theft repair shop is the preferred choice of several major insurance companies.

Our car theft repair experts inspect your vehicle minutely so that no damage is left unfixed and every eligible auto theft repair service is included in your claim.

You drive back after our car theft repair services with:

  • A seamlessly handled insurance process
  • A flawlessly fixed vehicle
  • A relaxed mind

Auto Theft Repair for Damages Due to Theft or Vandalism


When thieves or vandals leave your vehicle with scratched paint, torn seats, broken windows, missing taillights or other damage, let our auto theft repair experts fix everything. At our car theft repair shop, we perform complete auto body repair services.

Come to us for:

  • Auto theft repair that restores your vehicle’s beauty
  • Auto theft repair that brings back its mechanical efficiency
  • Auto theft repair that makes it as comfortable to ride in as before

Being an experienced car theft repair expert, we understand that unprofessional auto theft repair services can add to your trauma of having the vehicle stolen or vandalized. We deliver quality car theft repair and auto body repair services in a fast and friendly manner to ease your stress and help you move on with life.

Auto Body Repair Services for Theft Repair


The array of auto body repair services of our car theft repair shop includes:

  • Auto body work
  • Automotive painting
  • Steering column repair
  • Upholstery repair
  • Stereo replacement

Our car theft repair experts are determined to deliver auto body repair services that leave you fully satisfied that your vehicle has received the best possible auto theft repair.

As competent technicians perform the required auto body repair services, you can be sure our auto theft repair work won’t end in any unwelcome surprise for you.

Need auto body repair services for your stolen/vandalized vehicle? Call the car theft repair experts of Exotic Motors at (425) 440-3550.

“Danny my service representative promised to deliver the car within a week and held on the promise. Very professional. ”


“The craftsmanship and work performed were excellent. The clear coat and paint looks amazing. I believe after a few months to cure, it should darken up and match the rest of the truck more evenly. Also I am very pleased the team took the extra time to clean my truck, it was above and beyond. ”


“The paint work done is exceptional. Can't tell where new car paint ends and repair paint begins. ”


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