Paintless Dent Repair Seattle


If you have any dents or dings on your car, you have the option of using paintless dent repair services to remedy the situation. If you are a car owner in Seattle, WA, you should contact Exotic Motors for all your dent and ding issues. Since 1974, we have specialized in providing paintless dent removal work at our expert dent repair I-car gold facility.

If you are looking for experienced and skilled professionals for paintless dent repair work in Seattle then you can contact us and benefit from our expert dent repair services.

We provide the following:

  • Certified I-Car paintless dent repair professionals serving Seattle
  • Paintless dent repair with attention to detail
  • Custom paintless dent repair in Seattle
  • Dedicated paintless dent repair team in Seattle

Our experienced staff in Seattle strive to get your vehicle back to its original condition by carrying out suitable paintless dent removal services at our dent repair I-car gold facility.

Paintless Dent Removal Options for Seattle Residents


A dent need not cause you unnecessary concern as we offer complete paintless dent removal service in Seattle. You will benefit in more ways than one, as our expert workers will:

  • Complete paintless dent removal in Seattle in a short time
  • Offer competitive prices for paintless dent removal in Seattle
  • Save the original factory finish during paintless dent removal

With our various paintless dent removal options in Seattle, you can rest assured your car is in safe hands. We have full confidence in our paintless dent repair and paintless dent removal work.

Expert Dent Repair at I-Car Gold Facility for Seattle vehicles


We are mindful that people have high expectations from our dent repair service in Seattle. We always strive to exceed expectations by providing unmatched dent repair services in Seattle. Our experienced team of paintless dent repair and paintless dent removal technicians are friendly and patient, and committed to meeting expectations.

The benefits of hiring our dent repair service in Seattle include:

  • Maximize the re-sale value of your vehicle
  • Flawless dent repair services in Seattle
  • Advanced dent repair methods in Seattle
  • Major and minor dent repair service
  • No re-painting of your car is required

Hire us for expert dent repair work in Seattle and your vehicle will be back on the road in no time. If you are a car owner in Seattle, you should contact Exotic Motors at (425) 440-3550 for quality paintless dent repair and dent removal work.


How much does it cost to fix paintless dent?

The price of paintless dent removal depends on the size and complexity of the damage. The average cost can thus vary quite a lot. It takes about 1 hours to fix a small dent, and up to 2-3 hours for a larger one. Paintless dent repair is done without any chemicals or tools that would damage your car’s surface. It is completely safe for you and your vehicle, so there are no risks involved.

How big of a dent can paintless dent repair fix?

Our paintless dent repair technician can remove dents as both big and small. However, the larger the dent, the more time it will take to fix.

“Danny my service representative promised to deliver the car within a week and held on the promise. Very professional. ”


“The craftsmanship and work performed were excellent. The clear coat and paint looks amazing. I believe after a few months to cure, it should darken up and match the rest of the truck more evenly. Also I am very pleased the team took the extra time to clean my truck, it was above and beyond. ”


“The paint work done is exceptional. Can't tell where new car paint ends and repair paint begins. ”


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