Suspension System Inspection and Repair for Renton Vehicles


A worn suspension system in your vehicle can cause noise, vibration, misalignment, and premature tire wear. That is why we, at Exotic Motors Collision Repair, perform a thorough suspension system inspection and repair on Renton, WA vehicles.

By replacing worn parts, we help our clients restore their vehicle to their original operating performance.

Key parts that we can repair or replace in a suspension system include:

  • Ball joints
  • Bushings
  • Shocks
  • Struts

We pride ourselves on meeting your suspension repair needs, no matter how big or small. By utilizing cutting edge equipment and methods, we can thoroughly inspect your suspension system and determine the most cost-effective method to resolve the issues.

Shock Replacement for a Smoother Ride in Renton


Your suspension system, shocks, and struts play a crucial role in the safety, handling, and performance of your vehicle. With that in mind, necessary strut and shock replacement should never be put on hold.

Signs that indicate the need to seek shock replacement service include:

  • Bouncy or shaky ride / bottoming out
  • Loss of control while making a sudden stop
  • Vehicle sagging in the front or the rear

We offer reliable and convenient shock replacement service to Renton residents. Schedule an appointment today and we will fit your shock replacement service in to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. The shock replacement cost will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Why Choose Us for Suspension Repair Services in Renton?


It is typically easy to recognize the need for suspension repair in Renton. When a suspension system runs into problems, you might feel the vehicle riding roughly, especially when going over bumps or potholes. It is important to take your vehicle to highly-trained automotive professionals to diagnose and repair suspension problems.

With a reliable suspension repair service, you can count on your vehicle for years of smooth and comfortable driving.

With us, you will receive friendly, honest service from a professional team that fully understands the suspension repair needs of your Renton vehicle. Our expertise and process will ensure your suspension repair is completed to the highest workmanship standards.

More reasons to choose us include our:

  • State-of-the-art facility
  • ASE-certified technicians
  • Attention to detail
  • Lifetime warrantees
  • Peace of mind
  • 100% satisfaction

Give Exotic Motors Collision Repair a call at (425) 440-3550 to schedule suspension repair service for your Renton vehicle.

“Danny my service representative promised to deliver the car within a week and held on the promise. Very professional. ”


“The craftsmanship and work performed were excellent. The clear coat and paint looks amazing. I believe after a few months to cure, it should darken up and match the rest of the truck more evenly. Also I am very pleased the team took the extra time to clean my truck, it was above and beyond. ”


“The paint work done is exceptional. Can't tell where new car paint ends and repair paint begins. ”


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